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The Daily Outrage 50p
Horror of Pig Heart Boy as Cruel Doctor's Meddle With Nature.

Tragic Teenager's Terrible Ordeal
Teenager Cameron Kelsey became the
centre of a storm of controversy
yesterday as he was revealed top be
the world's first ever pig-heart
transplant patient.

Public Outrage
There has been public outrage at the
Doctors behind this controversial surgery
that some people are labelling
Frankenpig. Following a tip-off from
concerned friends of the poor boy used
as a guinea pig in these dangerous
surgical experiments, our reporters
have discovered that a mysterious and
ruthless surgeon known as Dr Bryce has
defied common decency and the laws of
nature by implanting the heart of pig in
the innocent chest of this tragic teenager.

Torn Apart
Friends and neighbours reported how
this once normal family had been torn
apart by constant rows over whether to
go ahead with the nightmare surgery
or not. Cathy Kelsey 38, Cameron's
mother was bitterly opposed to the
fiendish doctor Bryce's unnatural
operation. Cameron's father Mike,
however, was strangely enthusiastic
about the plans, leading this journalist
to wonder if he has received money
from the dubious scientist in exchange
for letting him operate on his son.

Once popular Cameron has found to his
horror that he is now shunned in the
Pig Heart Boy.jpg
No one knows why but Pig-Heart Boy
Cameron Kelsey 13 has developed a
strange obsession with diving to the
bottom of his local swimming pool.

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